Newborn session

Newborn session – price 270-320 €

Package for tiny babies is designed for infants aged 5-10 days. The best images come from 5-6-day-babies. With every day goes on, the baby is a little more awake.

During this period the baby still sleeps most of the time and a tiny sleeping baby is the best model. The session takes long time and for the best results we recommend to left other family kids home for newborn photography session.

Time is reserved for up to 2.5 h (can take time off if necessary, feed the baby and soothe).

The package includes photographer’s studio work, selecting pictures and post-processing, the use of props and backgrounds of the studio and at least 20 edited JPG files.

320€ is full price for families who want to keep pictures private

270€ is a discount price for families who let us show pictures on our website, FB and Instagram pages.

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